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Tiny’s Famous Eats

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+1 (631) 772-6145
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146 Squaw Ln, Mastic, NY 11950

Welcome! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my love of cooking with you. My passion for cooking began when I was a little girl watching my mom cook for me and my siblings. We grew up eating Southern style food including mac n’ cheese, fresh collard greens, yams, fried chicken, smoked ham, you know the good stuff. I’ve always cooked in large quantities for family dinners, large gatherings and catered big events.

My cooking method is pretty simple. I’m going to make it how I would eat it and I enjoy eating good food. Everything is cooked to taste, always fresh, no cutting corners, only top quality ingredients. I just love to cook and fried food is something everyone likes. Be honest- health consciousness aside- if you had to pick between baked chicken and fried chicken, which would you choose? The fried one right!?

Tiny’s Famous Eats is a family-run, independent restaurant offering top notch fried foods. Our proteins are always fresh, never pre-breaded. We are known for our delicious chicken wings, shrimp and fish bites. It’s a good feeling to know people enjoy and appreciate my food, despite time spent it’s worth every minute. I can’t wait to meet you! Please come by to say hello and try some of our tasty food.


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