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Sagar Restaurant

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+1 (718) 298-5696
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168-25B Hillside Ave., Queens, NY 11432

Sagar Restaurant started as a catering business in 1996 and grew into one of the first successful Bangladeshi restaurants in NYC. Sagar Restaurant serves Halal (HMS certified – 100% hand slaughtered meat since Dec. 2022) Bangladeshi cuisine alongside notable Indian and Pakistani dishes with high quality ingredients and consistent taste.

Bestsellers such as the Kacchi Biryani, Hajir Biryani, Chicken Roast continues as crowd favorites and an updated Sweets (“mishti”) collection is amongst the best in NY.

Through community engagement, and a sizeable track record, Sagar Restaurant has become a household name in NY and others states, through its meal shipping service at Sagarathome.com.

Visit us today for the best in Bangladeshi cuisine!


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