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1178 Broadway FL 3, New York, NY 10001

While at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, I— that’s me, Simon (DJ Taiga) —served as DJ and music director at the school radio station, WQHS. Mike (DJ Mike) and I quickly became DJ staples at official school events and raucous house parties off campus—spending more time spinning beats than studying books in the library. (Sorry, Mom.)

After our heyday in college—and earning those Ivy League diplomas—we took our passion for music (and paying down our student loans … can we get an amen?) to the streets, spinning clubs, corporate events, and everything in between.

But when our first round of mutual friends started going off the market and getting hitched, we listened to one too many bad DJs pumping in predictable playlists before realizing we coulddo it better.

Not only did our friends deserve way more hype parties than they were getting, we heard horror stories of hard-to-work-with wedding vendors, and flunkies who seemed to be more focused on playing what they wanted to hear (or worse everything you didn’t) and forcing the vibe to fit a mold no one liked. That’s where we knew we had to mix it up—and the Remixologists got our start.


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