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Niche Niche

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43 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10011

This Spring, we are bringing the Roscioli DNA to the Niche Niche and Special Club spaces! If you’ve never heard of Roscioli Salumeria, Rimessa Roscioli and their other slew of restaurants, where have you been?! The Iconic Roman restaurant group is an Italian staple, known for its vast wine list, its personable wine team and, of course for some of the best pastas in Rome.

From the meticulous research for the best artisanal products, curation of wine and dinner parties, and a vision based on collaboration, the similarities between Roscioli and Niche Niche are too many to count.

We couldn’t be more excited to bridge the gap between our two beautiful cities. If you’ve dined at Niche Niche sometime over the last few years, then you know how much the hospitality community means to us. Well…the community just got way bigger! We can’t wait to introduce our NYC family to the Italian cuisine, products, wine and most of all the People, that we’ve grown to love.



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