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Dinner Party

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+1 (347) 463-9173
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86 S Portland Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Dinner Party was founded in 2021 by six young women with no professional cooking experience and only half-hearted pretensions of sophistication. Most of them were strangers when they started, but they were lifelong friends by the end of the first month open.

The restaurant aims to feel that way: like you’re dining among instant friends, laughing as much as you’re eating. The cuisine’s rustic and lovingly-made, balanced but never boring. It falls somewhere between French, Italian, and, as the chef loves to insist, “Californian” — reflecting the myriad possible directions of a set menu that changes every week. We might seat you with strangers, or squeeze you onto a bench alongside all the friends you brought. Good company nourishes as well as good food does.


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