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Accidental Bar

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+1 (212) 475-1400
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98 Loisaida Ave, New York, NY 10009

After spending an hour or two at Accidental Bar, we promise you will walk away knowing more about sake than when you walked in (rice fermenters and brewers, we’re talking to you too). Their list is handwritten, scribbled with descriptions like “Paloma vibes” or “Summer BBQ creamed corn,” and all of the food on the short menu is meant to bring out different tastes in your beverage. This is especially true for their otsumami platter. When we were there, the seasonal platter consisted of strawberries, blue cheese, fava beans in sesame oil, sheets of crispy nori, pickled okra, and smoked oysters that further confirms any seafood product is delicious when cooked over an open fire. Most of all, the place just feels like a party where you could either hang with your friends and or take a date.


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