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About Us

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About Us

Make the Right First Impression!
Opening a new restaurant is never easy! And you only get one chance to make a first impression. At Casa Mesa, we’ve helped build some of the hottest new restaurants across New York City and beyond. From helping to curate an opening day menu that’s sure to bring in customers, to valuable promotions and cross platform marketing opportunities with all the biggest restaurant booking apps across the web.

Curate the Concept for Your Restaurant!
At Casa Mesa, we’re here to help you envision your new restaurant from the ground up! No matter what type of restaurant you’ve dreamt of starting, we will work with you to create the right branding, establish the proper marketing strategy, and curate the entire concept from start to finish! Whether you’re located in a bustling downtown area, a quiet neighborhood corner, or part of a retail strip mall – the team at Casa Mesa is here to help! From hotel restaurants, to bar and lounges, Casa Mesa will ensure you’re able to create the best guest experience possible using only the best of both digital and real world assets!

Operations Consulting
The Casa Mesa team has helped start and run countless restaurants across some of the most competitive cities in the country, and we strive to help our restaurants operate and run to their absolute peak performance! With years of firsthand business development experience, the Casa Mesa team can help provide you with the vital consulting services you need to ensure your new or renovated restaurant reaches peak profitability. Helping you to identify key areas of leakage, helping you to maximize your advertising dollars and keep an open eye out for waste. The fact is that 90% of restaurants fail in their first year, and Casa Mesa is here to guide you through the most trying times and help you to reach the success you want!

Bring in More Customers, With Casa Mesa!
The goal of any successful restaurant is to fill seats on a daily and nightly basis! At Casa Mesa, we employ the very best in digital and real world marketing tactics to help you do just that. From premium connections to the very best online booking platforms like OpenTable, Resy and Yelp, to vital food delivery platforms like UberEats and DoorDash – we help you to optimize your existence on these apps, to keep customers coming back for more! And most importantly, with decades of experience helping businesses to thrive across the search engine, we can help your restaurant get the visibility it deserves, while ensuring you’re able to acquire more customers, quality reviews and much more!

Connect with the Tastes of Your Local Market
The Casa Mesa team is here to help you to better understand the needs and wants of your local market and to help maximize your restaurant’s offerings to bend towards those tastes! We’ll help connect you with the very best food and beverage experts to craft an enticing menu of entrees, appetizers and cocktails, that are sure to meet the tastes of your local clientele.

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